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Paranoia - Dark Structures EP

Paranoia - Dark Structures EP

RELEASE DATE: 8th October 2012

Introducing the first two artists on kilo tango. Paranoia and Dare. They both have been making waves on soundcloud for a while now and have amassed an army of followers between them, and for good reason.

Paranoia is a young talent whose skills seem much longer honed than he actually is. Dark Structures. It is what it is really; itís a dark roller of a dubstep track, big subs with a techy edge.

Prominent techno influences can be heard throughout the track and will definitely appeal to the purists.

After discovering each other on soundcloud, it was only right that remix responsibilities were left to surrey producer Dare. He keeps the essence of the track in tact but opts to speed things up to around 170 bpm. A wondrous half step beat and a killer sub will see fans of ASC, Consequence and dBridge head straight for this one.

We are very proud to have the fellas behind our first release and many more to come.




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